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Auggie – Pastel Portrait

"Auggie" Silky Terrier - Forever Pet Portraits.wordpress.comOne of the things I love about painting portraits of companion animals is expressing their unique character on canvas. Most of the time, I have to get to know them through the memories of their owners and the many photographs they send.  But for this 9×12 pastel portrait, I had the rare pleasure of meeting Auggie, a very spirited but shy Silky Terrier, shortly before he passed. In person, Auggie’s silky fur was flat and smooth and long, but his owner had also sent me many pictures of him with his hair cut short and tousled, which I thought spoke volumes about the big attitude that smaller dogs like Auggie often have.

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Pixiefly was born from a sketch I made one dreary winter afternoon while dreaming of summer flowers and all the lovelies they attract to the garden.

2017-12 Pixiefly (1) ink

Pixiefly is dainty but she takes up most of a 9” x 12” sheet of art paper and was drawn in permanent ink, so it really pops off the bright white background. This gorgeous original work of art can be yours for $250 plus S&H. Does not include matting or frame.

Native American Trail Marker Tree Pastel Portrait

2018-7 Trail Tree - Doughty (8)I have been painting portraits of people’s fur babies for many years so you can imagine my surprise when a client who commissioned me to paint his family’s Boston Terrier (See my last post, Bentley, The One-Eyed Wonder Dog) also asked me to paint a portrait of a tree.  And it wasn’t just any tree but an ancient historic Native American trail marker tree. The family had been farming this land for many generations and knew there were some special things about its history. What they didn’t realize was the historic significance of this one massive, oddly-shaped tree, which is well over 300 years old.  Doug found my article on Indian Bent Trees, which sent him on an educational journey that would add another branch of history to his family’s farm and encourage him to educate others in his area about these rare historic markers. Trail trees are bent over while they are saplings and lashed to the ground. As the tree grows, it acts as a pointer that direct others along the trail to a special place in the landscape.  In this case, the trail tree was most likely pointing to a very active spring and a rare waterfall, and possibly, a traditional ceremonial ground. I feel so honored to have had the opportunity to paint this gorgeous historical tree.

You can read more about trail marker and bent trees at my main blog, Show Me Oz:

Indian Bent Trees: History or Legend


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Bentley – The Perfect Gentleman

Bentley Boston Terrier Artwork Copyright 2018 Jill HendersonBentley was a Boston Terrier that was known by all as the “one-eyed wonder dog!” Bentley had a big personality, enjoyed riding in the tractor, playing ball, and loving on his people.

Doug D. says of his custom 9×12 full-color pastel Forever Pet Portrait:
We received Bentley’s portrait today.  Beautifully done!  It is a treasure…life-like and captures him perfectly!  Excellent work!  Barb says to tell you she loves Bentley’s portrait and “thank you!”

Jungle Tiger – Charcoal

2017-12 Bengal Tiger Eyes - final charcoal (2)Watch Out! The piercing eyes of this gorgeous life-like Bengal Tiger will follow your every move!

This rectangular borderless charcoal portrait by Jill Henderson is centered on a crisp white 8.5 x 11 heavy paper canvas. When mounted in a large 9 x 12 or 14 x 18 frame and extra-wide black matting this one-of-a-kind work of art will create a seriously dramatic focal point in any room. Yours for only $250.00 plus S&H!

Matting and framing not included. Image copyright 2018 Jill Henderson. No reproduction or use of any kind without express permission.

Northern Saw-whet Owl – Pastel

Northern Saw-whet Owl pastel copyrightThis soft pastel painting was inspired by a lovely wilderness-filled summer that was haunted by the calls of a pair of these tiny “cat-faced” owls whose eyes seem to be the biggest part of their bodies.  Saw-whet owls are found throughout the United States and southern Canada but this little guy will feel right at home just about anywhere you want to hang him.  As a lover of birds in general, I have an especially soft spot for owls. This large 9×12 pastel painting fits into an 11×14 frame, but if you opt for a larger frame with plenty of matting this work of art will be the focal point of any room.  This original one-of-a-kind work of art can be yours for only $225.00 plus S&H. Does not include S&H or matting & framing.