Sky Bear Painted Skull

2013 Sacred Sky Bear (8) finished (600x800)

In many native cultures, the bear is among the most sacred of animals.  Not only are they strong and powerful, but gentle mothers and thoughtful souls. This work was inspired by a real grizzly paw cast from our friend, Chuck Jonkel, one of the most prominent bear biologists in North America. Sky Bear represents the dream world of sacred beings and the life force of the planet as perceived from our earth-bound perspective.

“Sky Bear “- original acrylic painting on cow skull.  SOLD!

A note to animal lovers everywhere: All of the skulls that I use in my art originate from small, local family farms – not industrial feed lots or CAFO’s. Most often, these animals died of natural causes in the same fields where they lived out their lives.

4 responses to “Sky Bear Painted Skull

  1. Where have you gone Jill????

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